With different postage dates, you can now control goal update deadlines

We are giving you more control over when your medal will be dispatched.

Why do you even need this? Well, as a rule of thumb, we will not be accepting goal updates after the 5 of the challenge month. In other words, we need you to lock into your goals about 25-30 days before the medals are posted. All those medal have to be manufactured, engravings have to be added, and it take some time to ship them to us, so that’s a bit of a process.

However, moving forward we will be offering two delivery windows. When registering for a challenge, you’ll be able to choose our next delivery window OR one after it. And, if it’s the “next” one, you will usually be able to update your target distance up until the last day of the monthly challenge.

If you wanted to see your currently selected postage option, you would need to go to the challenge page, and it would be visible there.

This is assuming you’ve already payed for the medal, since you can now join first and pay later. If that’s the case, you may not see “postage” button right away – instead, you will see “Order your Medal” button there, and, while ordering the medal, you will be able to choose a postage option along the way as well.

For example, have a look at the screenshot below – we have highlighted that area for you:

Please keep in mind that, for the time being, you will not be able to change postage window option once you’ve reached distance change deadline. This is when your medal would have been ordered, so we would not be able to cancel it at that point.

However, we will soon allow you to change postage window selection for a small fee even after the deadline (would be about $2-3 per medal). Once it’s moved to the next month, distance change deadline would be moved as well, and you would be able to update your target. Still working on it, though.

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