Some changes are here, and more are coming

We have been working on a few changes, and, if you are one of the many folks who have been enjoying our challenges for a while now, you might find it useful to know what’s happening. Then, again, if you are only planning to join, this post might give you a little better idea of what to expect.

First of all, we are switching to tracked medal delivery in the UK, and, likely, worldwide as well. Which means we will be raising the entry fee

Historically, we would only use tracked delivery every now and then; however, where it used to take 2-4 days for the medals to arrive, it would often take up to 8-9 days lately.

Starting with our May challenge, we will be switching to tracked mail, at the very least in the UK, but, likely, worldwide as well. That way, we will always be able to tell where the medal is and when is it expected to arrive.

That’s the main reason our challenge entry fee for monthly challenges is going up to £15.

For Europe and Worldwide delivery, there is still an additional shipping fee, but, for the most part, it stays the same.

Aside from that, we will probably start posting monthly medals in the first days of the following month instead of the 27th/28th of the current month. Similarly to how we have been experiencing mailing delays, our medals supplier may need a bit of extra time as well.

With all that said, we hope this is not a huge change, and, if anything, it is going to bring some peace of mind to you (and to us, to be honest), while not robbing you of any motivation you have been trying to build up so hard.

And there there are other news, too

  • We’ve been working on a new PFAM distance challenge for the avid cyclists:
  • We’ve also been working on setting up a referral program. Do you know someone who may need a little extra push? You will soon be able to invite friends and acquaintances to our challenges AND earn entry fee discounts for doing so. Stay tuned – it’s coming
  • There are some offers we now have available in the “store” section of our challenge sites. We have been gradually adding multi-month bundles and gift cards for each challenge, and, also, we’ve been experimenting with late entries – see below

What’s the story with the late entry?

It’s, really, simple. If you missed the deadline to join our monthly challenge, you could still join in the second half of the month. In order to do that, you would need to purchase a “late entry”, which is now available as a product in our stores:


The catch is that your medal may be delayed by about a month in such cases. This is an experimental offer, and we’ll see whether it makes sense or not based on your feedback.

It seems that’s all there is for now…

Ah, wait. We have been trying to figure out new challenge formats, and, even though we do have some ideas, we would definitely be interested to hear from you! So, please, reach out:

Now that’s, probably, all. Have fun, stay fit, and stay motivated!

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